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"Problems can not be solved by the level of awareness that created them" Albert Einstein

Hi Everyone,

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers of the world. There is no greater challenge than that to get your children ready for life and to guide them so that they can grow up happy and balanced. There is no mother perfect, yet we are perfect for our children for they have unconditional love towards us and hearts so big and forgiving that no matter how bad of a situation we end up the children, our strength, will help us to get off the bed in the mornings. I wrote this poem to my mother, I love her so very much. There is nothing much else for me to say, for each one of us have a very unique connection to our mothers and there are no two relationships the same but the one factor, that of the umbilical cord. We all were truly connected from the very beginning the same way and only after that one physical connection was cut, did we start developing our very own relationship to our mothers. Today is the day to celebrate our mothers and their importance in our lives and to contemplate on wonder of children, their huge heart and wisdom in loving.



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MOTHER- a Poem

Written by



Why do I even bother

You are so perfect

There are no words to make you alive

On paper clearly describe



How is it possible

You are so calm

Even in the middle of a storm

Safely guiding me home



Where does it come from

You are so happy

Laughing and joking thru the dark days

Making me smile always



When is the right time

You always know

Even if you are hungry or cold or tired

To wrap your arms around



Why is it easy to clean

You know how

Sweeping thru the house like a wind

Creating peace of mind



How old are you

You are always ageless

Elegant and sophisticated in looks

Finding me behind the books



Where did you learn

You are a gourmet chef

Filling the house with wonders of food

Us in a jolly good mood


When is it my turn

I am not much of anything

Please help me to become more like you

Because I love you too 


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