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Maiara Musings

"Problems can not be solved by the level of awareness that created them" Albert Einstein

Picture taken by KKMaiaraM

Hi Everyone,

Thank You for visiting Maiara Musings, and I hope that you had a great week. This week I was stuck in a traffic and the weather was very gray and rainy so while sitting on that long lineup of cars I took my notebook on my lap and this poem came to me. This business of divorce has been very hard on me and it seems that all the lessons I learn have to be hard way. I am hoping that they are not going to be too costly at the end. Also, a positive, or at least I thought it was positive u until I met with my lawyer, update to my life is that I did finally find housing for me and the kids. Now I am really worried that I might not get money on time to pay for the rent, since my ex is really fighting with everything. Well, I am just fighting panic with action and optimistic view of my future, at least I know for sure that at the end I will be divorced regardless and that nobody is going to hurt me emotionally anymore. I hope you will enjoy my poem.

PS: I have still not been able to figure out how could I format my poems the way I wish them, somehow I just don’t know how but I am working on it, maybe one day I will figure it out better.

Sincerely, Maiara

Rush Hour – Poem       Written by KKMaiaraM

Local radio news streaming into my brain……To the mind as foggy as the air….Dark thoughts falling…                               Like the rain from the sky

Endless lines of cars….Every street so jammed…. But nothing compared…..To the raising panic inside

Time is running…..I have no housing…..Two kids to feed…..Their needs to meet

I am softly crying…..Lots of thinking…..Lots of honking…..Everyone is rushing

I feel so alone on my way home…..Raindrops are a wonder of life…..So beautiful so plentiful…..                 I realize I  am not forlorn

Tunnel is part of my journey…..I am claustrophobic so dark and noisy…..It just reminds me of my housing…..And the reasons I am divorcing

Finally the traffic is moving…..But I am not moving for I have no housing…..And that, let me tell you…..     Is highly depressing


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