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Maiara Musings

"Problems can not be solved by the level of awareness that created them" Albert Einstein

Hi Everyone,

I hope that your week was as great as mine. First, my car is fixed and I am feeling all right after the accident, no lasting injuries. Secondly I finally moved in, and boy did I ever have one interesting moving day not to mention the fact that the weather was boiling hot. But I made it and I have already slept 3 nights in my new home. I can’t even start to describe the peace and happiness that is filling my soul and my mind. I wake up in the morning sun tickling my face, completely relaxed and content. On  the verge of new life, I am like a teenager learning to take charge of my life. Can’t believe that I actually made it happen, to separate myself  from the narcissistic husband  of 20 years and to be strong enough not to be drawn back to his devious web of  illusions. Due to the fact that I have no internet, phone or tv yet I am writing this on Saturday on my lunch break at work and post it as well today. I truly love writing but I believe firmly that the quality of my writing should stay up to some standards and that I wish to continue write essays I will have to take a 2 months break from this blog and start again towards end of September. From then on I will be posting only once a month for as a single mother I will not have a chance to spend more time on this blog. However, those of you who have not visited my blog before, I hope that you would take your time to read my other posts in a meanwhile. What can I say, have a great couple of months and I will be back in September.

Thank you for visiting Maiara Musings, Maiara


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