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Maiara Musings

"Problems can not be solved by the level of awareness that created them" Albert Einstein

Written by Maiara for the New Year wish


I waited so long for a fish like you to come along

I felt I finally found my place right beside you and completely safe

So I tried and I dreamed but our relationship was not what it seemed

I was not the one you wished to catch

A fish too strange to be your match

You will never know what you missed, now that this weird lonely fish to give up decided

So now the fish is free and shyly peeking behind the reef

“Good grief how can this be? There are so many fish in this vast and wonderful sea”

Everything had changed from the past she remembered 

So behind the reef she stayed and she dreamed

“Oh great”

She smiled as at the distance two fishes acquainted

“NO!!!! It is a fish and a shark”

“Now it is only a shark”

With the fervent shivers of horror the little fish started a prayer

“Dear angels of fish, please grant me this wish

I ain’t but simple by the standards of glamour, my fins are fine but lacking the color

Inside, you see, in a world of my own

I am fun and colorful and fairly easy to get along

Please protect me from sharks and traps of the sea so I don’t have to be any other than me”

“Please angels of fish, this is really a simple wish

Let me start anew and gracefully swim to the places I never knew

Then send the fish of my dreams to me

And let him guide me gently out from this vast and wonderful but confusing sea”


For all of you I wish happy new year and may your dreams come true


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