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"Problems can not be solved by the level of awareness that created them" Albert Einstein

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Today is the first day of High School for my little one and on Thursday the older one starts University. Amazing how the time flies. I realize that I have not been posting essays, or anything for that matter, lately and for that I apologize. I also am writing this little post to thank all of my followers and random visitors for visiting my site regardless. I am going to post an essay soon about importance of spoken word, and I hope that you will come back and read it. I am very grateful for many things in my life, one being this site that I have had now 2 1/2 years and I have had almost 10,000 visitors read my essays during that time. The amazing part is that I never advertise this site and not even one of my friends or family knows about it. The only person who has this address is my therapist who I used to see, she was the reason I started writing again and convinced me to have my essays available for others. Just Sunday I had 69 visitors and that was amazing. My blog is getting very busy lately and I feel that my essays are perhaps helping some, giving pleasure for others and hopefully will arise some thoughts on everyone.

On that note I must say have a great day and enjoy the life wherever it is…..



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What a great way to start December. This morning I opened up my blog, and I saw that Maiara Musings had its 6,000th visitor this morning. Wonderful, and thank you. I can not get over the fact that my simple little blog is so popular. It seems to be attracting readers from all over the world, last time that I counted I had visitors from 111 countries. I am very humbled that you, my dear readers, keep coming to read my essays and recommending Maiara Musings to other people. Thank you. I hope that you all have wonderful December and that you will look forward to coming new year. I will try to post one more time before the year is over. Until then, happy thoughts, and remember that positive thinking brings good things into our lives.

Sincerely, Maiara

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This is what I learned, one Sunday morning wandering through the beautiful art gallery.  The exhibition of painters Morrice and Lyman showcased alongside the paintings of Henri Matisse had just opened and the gallery was still quiet. There were quotations of the painters written on the wall but one quotation stopped me, leaving me no choice but to take out my notebook and carefully, word by word copy it down. At awe, I have read and reread the notation finding it profoundly wonderful. Here it is for everyone to read and enjoy. I can not stop wondering how something so simply said can be so universally true to everything we experience in life.

“There is nothing more difficult for a truly creative painter than to

paint rose. Because before he can do so

he has first to forget all the

roses that were painted”

  • Henri Matisse –

I do not know for sure if it was the lingering effects of the words of Matisse that helped me to come to my realization about the art, or was it a combination of everything happened to me in my life so far, but today for the first time I understood art. Walking alone through the art gallery – in silence – letting the paintings glide past my eyes. I was not trying to learn or understand, but to feel. I wanted the pictures, paintings, the sculptures tell the story, to draw me to them. I understood that I do not have to be skilled academic with all the technical information, I do not have to like everything I see. I do not have to understand the art to love it. I can open my heart for it. I do not have to judge it. I do not have to do anything. I can pass by the famous paintings of legendary artists without stopping just to find myself standing mesmerized in front of the small drawing by the unknown artist.

That is what I suddenly understood that one sunny Sunday morning. Going to the art gallery from now on will be quiet different experience for me, it will much more relaxing and enjoyable. I do hope that next time when you, my dear reader, go to the art gallery, or anywhere for that matter, you can do so with open mind. Perhaps you will find yourself wondering around without any predetermined mind-set being present in the moment and letting your heart guide the way. Who knows what treasures you will find.

Thank you for visiting Maiara Musings. I have to apologize for not posting in a very long time and thank you for my readers who regardless keep coming daily to read my essays. My life situation has been such that I simply has not had time for the writing. However, everything is in good way busy and I have finally gotten over my past. I am mapping my future now and it is really interesting but somewhat overwhelming at times. For those who have never visited Maiara Musings before, you might wish to read some of the essays. I have no theme really, but many are the essays relating to healing from abusive relationship.


Hi, it has been awhile. I will no more make promises to write for it seems that I am completely out of my league in a time management department. I find being a single mom is so time-consuming that by the time I get time in the evening, I pretty much crash in my bed. And I have added Tarot course to the daily routine, which is turning out to being a lot of work and will last about 2 years. I have not, however given up my blog even though it may seem so. I just have to get my ducks in a row and  figure out how to make days stretch and eliminate all the unnecessary things from my schedule. But have to say that my personal life is just getting better every day. The things i have learned to handle after divorce and the strength that is coming back from being surrounded by very optimistic people is very amazing. I am simply happy, slightly over stretched but so happy. And to realize that my blog in 13 months have had over 4000 visitors is very wonderful. For that I just wanted to thank you all. I shall continue my writing once the inspiration strikes. Please come back to read my essays, it is kind of mixed lot because I have not dedicated this blog to anything other than love for writing.


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Just wishing you all Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I hope that this is the time of reflection for each on of us. I will be spending this Christmas alone and decided to take my time and contemplate on my life before the year changes. To be grateful for all the good things that have happened to me and specially to be thankful for wonderful old and new persons that have crossed my path over the time. It is time for me to open up my eyes and my heart for the good things in life and let the past go. I am still single and with the unwavering belief I know that the man of my dreams is coming my way. He will find me and our paths will cross, he will know that I am the one he has been looking for and he is not in a hurry to get to know me, for he knows that we have a lifetime ahead of us to explore and get to know each other, to spend many Christmases and occasions together. He knows that my love for him is pure and that I will not wish to change him, but to love him just the way he is. 

I will be posting my poem about Fish Dreams by the end of the month, poem so silly yet it is part of me that I had to write and let go of one feeling I had for a man I thought was not the one, but realized I was mistaken. New year new dream ahead for all of us. Please come back to read my essays and poems when the mood strikes.

Sincerely Maiara

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Hi everyone, this is just a very quick post to celebrate another great milestone my post has reached. Today my blog reached 2,000 visitors. 2,000 people have gone through my blog to read my essays and that is amazing. I read this most wonderful and inspiring book “To Show and To Tell: The Craft of Literary Nonfiction” by Phillip Lopate. He mentioned in one chapter about blogging and that essay writers are not particularly popular but if the quality of the writing is in the essay the readers will find the blog. Well, it turns out that he was right. My blog is getting very popular, considering that I have only posted 17 times. I will continue to post at the end of each month. Please if this is your first time on my blog take time to look through my essays. You might find there something that speaks for you. I don’t have a particular subject matter to blog about, mainly I write about things that I keep wondering about myself. 

Thank you all for visiting Maiara Musings and please come back at the end of the month for my new essay or poem – yes, I am not great poet but sometimes I just have to write one….lol

Sincerely Maiara


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Hi everyone, this is just a little celebration to share. Yesterday was 1000 people who have read my essay My House or is it Home – an Essay. I feel that I am making a difference and thank you all of you for coming to read my essays. Since I am at it I also would like to promote my October essay HOW OUR MISFORTUNES SHAPE US – AN ESSAY which not too many of you have found, but I strongly recommend you reading it for it could be just what you needed on a grey almost winter here waiting for the snow day, or otherwise downcast day when all you wish to do is to pull that cover over your head and never get off the bed again. Please come back at the end of November. I will be posting a new essay discussing the loneliness after divorce on it.


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