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"Problems can not be solved by the level of awareness that created them" Albert Einstein

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What a great way to start December. This morning I opened up my blog, and I saw that Maiara Musings had its 6,000th visitor this morning. Wonderful, and thank you. I can not get over the fact that my simple little blog is so popular. It seems to be attracting readers from all over the world, last time that I counted I had visitors from 111 countries. I am very humbled that you, my dear readers, keep coming to read my essays and recommending Maiara Musings to other people. Thank you. I hope that you all have wonderful December and that you will look forward to coming new year. I will try to post one more time before the year is over. Until then, happy thoughts, and remember that positive thinking brings good things into our lives.

Sincerely, Maiara


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Hi, it has been awhile. I will no more make promises to write for it seems that I am completely out of my league in a time management department. I find being a single mom is so time-consuming that by the time I get time in the evening, I pretty much crash in my bed. And I have added Tarot course to the daily routine, which is turning out to being a lot of work and will last about 2 years. I have not, however given up my blog even though it may seem so. I just have to get my ducks in a row and  figure out how to make days stretch and eliminate all the unnecessary things from my schedule. But have to say that my personal life is just getting better every day. The things i have learned to handle after divorce and the strength that is coming back from being surrounded by very optimistic people is very amazing. I am simply happy, slightly over stretched but so happy. And to realize that my blog in 13 months have had over 4000 visitors is very wonderful. For that I just wanted to thank you all. I shall continue my writing once the inspiration strikes. Please come back to read my essays, it is kind of mixed lot because I have not dedicated this blog to anything other than love for writing.


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